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New model

Where your team works is less important than how they work.

We deliver the world's most sustainable products to where your team is located.  Our software protects them everywhere, and your business stays secure wherever work is performed.   

Managed Print Services


With a subscription model, our monthly price is flexible according to your actual print usage.  Now those are savings you can take to the bank. 

If you are printing/copying/scanning less, you'll pay less.  No catch.  It's that simple.

Comparative criteria Old Managed Print Model "New" Managed Print Model
Machine (Copier/Printer/Scanner/MFD)    
Machine quantity (A3) 10 Multi-functioning devices (MFD)
(Less than 2% of printing is A3) 2
1 Multi-functioning device (MFDs)
(More than 98.6% of printing is A4) 2
Machine quantity (A4) 0 MFDs 9 MFDs
Lease Cost £150.00 per month per device 1 £43.76 per month per device 1
Print volume (colour) 2000 prints @£0.0055 per month 4000 prints (whatever colour)
Cost per month per device 2000 prints @£0.047 per month Included
Comparative criteria
  • Machine (Copier/Printer/Scanner/MFD)
  • Machine quantity (A3)
  • Machine quantity (A4)
  • Lease Cost
  • Print volume (colour)
  • Cost per month per device
Old Managed Print Model
  • 10 Multi-functioning devices (MFD)
    (Less than 2% of printing is A3) 2
  • 0 MFDs
  • £150.00 per month per device 1
  • 2000 prints @£0.0055 per month
  • 2000 prints @£0.047 per month
  • £255.00
"New" Managed Print Model
  • 1 Multi-functioning device (MFDs)
    (More than 98.6% of printing is A4) 2
  • 9 MFDs
  • £43.76 per month per device 1
  • 4000 prints (whatever colour)
  • Included
  • £136.39

Savings estimated £1,186.12/mo. or £14,233.44/yr.

1. Based on leasing a quantity of 10 MFDs in total. 
Multi-functioning devices (MFDs) are all-in-one hardware.

2. Monitoring based on usage from Legal Services firms 

3. Pricing is illustrative, model demonstrates an average product cost; inc. 3-years lease terms + print usage behaviours

Work will never be the same

Flexibility is paramount.  We have taken the complexity out of managed print services and made it simple and seamless. Using our innovative Smart Plan we adjust pricing automatically each month, so you pay the best cost, based on print usage.   

Ability to work everywhere is standard, reducing security threats is a necessity.

52 %

Employees WFH

59 %

ITDMs shift to "as a service" model

77 %

ITDMs anticipate more vulnerabilities

Wolf security

Protect your assets

More than 45% of IT Departments aren't fully set-up for remote work.  IT teams are struggling to meet the tech demand from employees working remotely. 

When this happens, profit leaks from the business due to less productive employees.  Secondly remote employee behaviors open risks to the business's security.

Security wrapper      



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